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Yiheng’s Tea Party in 2018 Lunar New Year

Time :2018-03-12 Source: Views:556

At 10:00-11:30 in the morning of March 1, 2018 more than one hundreds of Yiheng’s staffs just returning from the home have a joyous gathering in Teclean Science and Technology building and have the Spring Festival tea party activities with the theme of "Be happiness in 2018 year! "

The tea party activity is in various forms and rich in content. At the same time, "team interactive game PK" link and "red packet sending" and other links are to let you immerse in the ocean of joy. Finally, we wrote together the New Year's wishes for ourselves, our families and our company, and left the first Yiheng’s family photo of 2018 year.

The Spring Festival tea party, not only enrich the spiritual civilization construction and the construction of enterprise culture, enhance the enterprise team cohesion between various departments, but also lay a solid foundation for Yiheng company to write a new chapter in 2018, and inspire a new vigor.