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Time :2019-01-18 Source: 本站原创 Views:532

2018 year is the 20th anniversary of Fuzhou Yiheng Outdoor Products Company. On the day before Jan.01,2019, all of our staffs gathered together to hold the 2019 New Year's Day celebration and award ceremony for the excellent employees.
On the day of the event, at first the general manager of the company delivered a New Year's speech. Subsequently, all the staffs spent a happy and meaningful afternoon together. At the same time, the general manager of the company and the leaders of various departments awarded trophies and prizes for 22 excellent employees in 2018 year.
Through today's activities, not only effectively stimulate the enthusiasm of the workers, further enhance the cohesion of the workers, play the role of exchange of feelings, cohesion, but also reflects the company's humanistic concern, people-oriented concept.

I believe that in 2019, through the correct guidance of the company's leadership and the joint efforts of all Yiheng’s staffs, Yiheng will create more brilliant achievements!